Chronovision watch winders move each watch gently and in harmony with the respective movement. To make this possible, each individual module has its own independently controllable motor for rotation. The rotation movement - right, left or bi-directional - can be individually adjusted as well as the number of turns per day: This is set between 500 and 2,650 turns in increments of 50. The internal clock starts the program every full hour.

Fast winding and intelligent sleep phase

You have not wound one of your automatic watches for a long time? Then the fast-winding mechanism quickly and gently brings the necessary tension to the mainspring. If you want complete silence at certain times, for example at night, simply activate the intelligent sleep phase: The motors, which are extremely quiet anyway, then stop working for the period of time you define. The control system memorizes the missing rotations and automatically makes up for them by extending the individual intervals in the active phase.


Whether single or multiple winder: Each Chronovision watch winder consists of individually controllable modules that communicate with each other. This modular principle makes it possible to assemble a system that can be centrally controlled from several single winder units of the Chronovision One series. At the same time, it also ensures that even in a large piece of designer furniture such as the Grand Momentum, up to 64 watches can be individually rotated completely independently of one another.


Chronovision watch winders offer a harmonious combination of technology and aesthetics. The patented "ChronoSync" function makes sure that several individual modules are connected to form a system and coordinate their rotations. Like ballet dancers, the watches rotate absolutely synchronously. Once a watch winder has reached the required number of revolutions, the rotor stops exactly at the twelve o'clock position. This turns the display of high-quality automatic watches into a true visual delight.

Power supply

Chronovision watch winders are powered by the mains or batteries, depending on the particular model. This allows you to wind your automatic watches even in places where there is no power outlet nearby.

Sophisticated control

The new version of the Chronovision Connect app for Android and iOS takes the intuitive operation of watch winders to an entirely new level. After the app has connected to the desired Chronovision device, you can start and stop all or individual modules with just one touch. The matrix view provides a clear selection of modules to program them.

The extensive watch database stored in the app means that in many cases all you need to do is select the relevant watch model in the module options to make the correct rotation settings. You can also enter the settings yourself quickly and easily. The speed winding function for each individual watch can be started just as effortlessly. In the device options you can program the intelligent sleep phase and switch the push button illumination on and off. An integrated memory ensures that program data such as direction of rotation and number of revolutions are always saved. This means that even in the event of a power failure, your watches are still taken care of.


Extended warranty up to three years.